Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cake Note 40: "My idea of exercise is a good, brisk sit" Phyllis Diller

Can you remember her? I used to watch her with my mother, she was SO funny! I have to agree with her  views on exercise though.....I seem to be getting a few brisk's usually after I have had a LONG stand baking and icing cakes! Honestly, I never got so tired when I was running a busy ward!

The point of this of course is my latest cake. A 10 inch madeira cake with the briefest of instructions which I had to DRAG out of the owner....needs to be a Gymnastic cake....yeah..colours? Oh anything....girl/boy ?,,, oh yeah... she's 10

Well I got to the bottom of it, did my own thing and here it is.....I know NOTHING about gymnastics or what 10 year old little gymnasts do....but my friend the world wide web helped me enormously! I'm quite fond of the final result - I hope the vague owner is:)

Thank you for looking....2 of my favourite cakes to do next...Fruit cakes with flowers:) Roll on...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cake Note 39: "I never worry about diets - the only carrots that interest me are the carots in Diamonds!" Mae West

Diamonds.....30th birthday girl with no diamonds on her fingers.....

Well she has some Diamonds for friends - one in particular, my lovely daughter! ' Mum I need a CAKE'...again! She's got loads of friends and it seems to have become a trend that she gives them a cake for their birthday...lovely idea!

Anyway, I can't aford diamonds for her friend, but, I did make  Tiffany cake box with a few 'diamonds' on it!

Not QUITE the box shape I wanted as it was difficult to do the top I improvised. Hope she likes it - Happy Birthday :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cake Note 38: Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." Danny Kaye

Never a truer word!

Well I am sorry to say I am a lapsed Blogger - haven't posted in ages and I apologise for that. Even though my lonely follower is the only one who comments!

I have been so busy finishing my Level 2 City & Guilds Sugar Craft and Decoration course, I've hardly had time to turn round.  I've had cakes coming out of my ears and to be honest, I think I have 'thrown LOADS of paint:).

So, just a few of my latest  creations in the cake world and the odd bit of modelling and flower making too. If I repeat myself, I'll say sorry now......but when you're slinging paint on your canvas, you sometimes forget you've already posted that cake:)

Soon be the longest day - hope you all enjoy your paint throwing:)

The LAST foootball cake I intend to make

Modelling day with my Tutor -

My PIECE DE RESISTANCE! My lovely daughter's 30th birthday cake

Chris's 18th -He likes accoustic guitars

The Lovely Leanne's 10th birthday cake.....she is SO full of life, she can lift the lowest spirits! Thnak you Leanne!