Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cake Note 45: Have to say, no Quote today!

But only because this is another cake for another niece - my little Kat who is 5 on 31 st October but had her party yesterday. She is CRAZY about Belle, the Disney princess in Beauty and the Beast, as been since she was 2. So, she needed a cake and her instructions were - 'Yellow, a castle, with Minnie Mouse and Belle'

And that's what she got! Minnie unfortunately, is plastic, but Belle I made from Sugar paste - helped by my ex Tutor, thanks Paula!

I'm happy to say, Kat was very happy with her cake :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Cake Note 44."Nieces are the children that we borrow, intending not to raise, but merely love" Unknown

It seems an age since I last posted! Well, it's a couple of months at least and in between, I've been to Australia to visit my lovely granddaughters, been ill for a week or two and been really busy at work! I am also getting ready for my lovely family comiong home for Christmas - my two granddaughters on English soil at last - I am SO excited!

So, I have a cake or two to finish before they get here, and today's  cake is for my niece who is soon to be 40!  So that makes me....err, we'll leave that bit. This is one of two cakes I'm making this week for two neices...Katharine who is 40...and Katherine who is 5!

This is the first time I have tried my hand at making a shoe - not as easy as I expected and the next one I make will be better! Just hope my niece likes it:)

By the way - the colour looks coral - it's actually hot pink! Like the one of the shoe being made:)