Friday, 12 August 2011

Cake Note 43: "Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts. ~Martin Buxbaum"

Not bad is it?  I think this is a really nice quote for an aging lady!Yes, this is the second cake this week for an 80 year old lady - it's for my friend Maggie's Mum. She loves freesias, so freesias she's got! Shame that I can't make the sugar flowers smell real:)

This is  a 10 inch rich fruit cake which weighs really heavy!! it took me all my strength to lift it - it must be the whisky in it - she likes whisky as well as freesias:)

So - the inlay is done by impressing Marion Frost Patchwork cutters 'blossoms' into the soft paste, then flooding the impression with white edible dust, mixed to a paint using alcohol.

I'm quite fond of this cake because I love making flowers best of all - hope Maggie's mother has a lovely 80th birthday and loves her cake and freesias NO MORE blogs for a few weeks - I'm off to see my lovely granddaughters, take care all and thank you for looking at my cakes xxx

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The impression was repeated on each corner of the cake and the oard

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cake Note 42: "Lying about your age is easier now you sometimes forget what it is!:)" Unknown

Eighty years old! What a wonderful age - and this cake is...for a lady who is 80 this weekend!

It's similar to one I did for my friend Becki's Mum, except this owner wanted sage green (Mum-in-Law's favourite colour) and a bead shower too. I wasn't too sure about the beads - it's quite a busy cake on its own, with the satin effect flowers, but to be honest, now it's done, I love it!

The original design is by Peggy Porschen, one of my favorite cake designers - her cakes are so feminine and pretty - just the kind I like to do!

It's an 8 inch rich fruit cake with sage green sugar paste, petal paste flowers, hand rolled (YES, HAND ROLLED) pearls, and a pearl and diamante bead shower with diamante 80. I hope the birthday girl loves it:)

It's cold, dull and wet here, so I do hope that my cake brightens the day of my watchers - YES! I have watchers who have viewed my blog from all over the world - a big thankyou and please, leave me a message if you'd like !