Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cake Note 18: "When words escape you, flowers speak" Bruce W Currie

Sophie and Smokie, two of my lovely ladies :)
  ......and flowers speaking are just what I need! WHAT a week - my precious daughter, on holiday in Australia called me Monday, absolutely  hysterical. She had crashed her hire car, it was a write off and she was in a right state. Once I worked out from her screechings that she was bashed and bruised but not seriously injured, I worked out whether anyone else had been injured as a result of the accident...luckily no-one was injured. The accident, unfortunately was her fault so I have worried sick all week about the outcome.

Luckily, she had taken out full car insurance and full travel insurance so the car is covered, the police aren't interested and we have to do now is sort out the medical claim - and you're then left wondering, what twist or turn of fate ...or whatever.....made it so that all you had to worry about was getting her home on an upgrade and sorting out the medical bills, rather than all sorts of other terrible outcomes I don't even want to articulate......I feel so grateful and thankful.

Role on tomorrow when I can meet her at the airport.

Take care

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cake Note 17: 'Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

good evening - or is it good morning? I've been chatting to the Australian contingent so time gets away from me. No cakes to post until the begining of November, then so many to make, I'll have no time to post!

Since I'm now back at college, I'm going to post my Botanical studies - dry runs as it were for the actual assessment piece, which will be the Cattleya Orchid - I love orchids, but everyone I buy, dies in days! Soo, the pictures are my 'Chimney pot' of Nasturtiums and my attempt at the beautiful Moth Orchid. The petals are a bit too frilly, but will be better next time :) Optimistice hey?

So til next time, goodnight

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cake Note 16: 'There are worse things in life than death - have you ever spent the evening with an insurance salesman?' Woody Allen

Just a short post from me today and not really about cakes, but about what a sad day it is for me and my family. The photo is of my lovely dear departed brother Jim, who died very suddenly a year ago today - I've done the usual stuff, you know, flowers, Free Press, but I just wanted to make it more significant -- and for me, well Jimmy my lovely lad, I'm blogging you!
You might think that the quote is a bit irreverent, given the circumstances, but he would have seen the funny side of it! He always used to reply, when folk said how nice a funeral was, that the only nice funeral was the one where you were putting your coat on and going home!

He made everyone laugh and apart from his lovely smiling face, I miss that most about him. Sad to say, for a little bloke, he's left a massive hole in our hearts - and he did love my cake so in a way, it's still a cake blog!

I miss you so much my bonny lad xxx

Thanks for listening

Monday, 4 October 2010

Cake Note 15: 'Always be nice to your children because they are the ones who will choose your rest home - Phyllis Diller'

Number One Fan!
October was going to be a quiet month as far a cake orders were going, so I thought, mmm? what shall I do? work, gardening, reading, drive off to the cake warehouse in Newcastle and get all my stuff for November and December orders......maybe not - number 2 child phoned on friday last week...'Muuuummmm - could you do me a really really really (you know where this is going , don't you).....big favour...and make me a fruit cake?' - Me -'what, just a fruit cake?'. (fool)...' Oh no, a birthday cake for Steve, he likes skiing, mountain biking...anything to do with hairdressing...Oh, and he likes Leeds United'.
Me -'when for?'.....WEDNESDAY!!

Off course, I did what she asked (bearing in mind Phyllis Diller's advice), and here you can see the start of it - this little Leeds fan is 'Steve' - wears specs and has ginger hair, so I hope he recognises himself on Wednesday morning when I (!!!) have to deliver his cake to the shop!

So, no housework done, no gardening and the only reading was on the t'internet looking for colour schemes for the cake! here it is, I hope he likes it - my daughter is thrilled with it - mainly because she helped with the little model!

And so to much for the ealry night I promised myself! back to the 'factory' tomorrow, good night, God Bless :)