Friday, 28 January 2011

Cake Note 27: "Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's more serious than that" Bill Shankly


Now football cakes?......well to be honest I think they are the hardest cakes to make - maybe it's because I'm no footie fan so can't drum up the interest. Anyway, this is the third football themed cake I have made - it was requested by my niece for her husband who is a Liverpool fan.....I originally got the team badge printed onto rice paper to put on the cake, as it's only a 6 inch cake and I thought a model would look too big...but I made it too wet and it dropped to bits before it got near the cake!!

Lesson learned there then:)

So, here's a Madeira cake decorated in LFC colours with a team scarf and my rendition of Chris!! He's tons better looking in real life - I hope yu had a lovely birthday -

Monday, 17 January 2011

Cake Note 26: "If you can dream it, you can do it: Remember, this all started with a dream and a mouse". Walt Disney

OK good afternoon:) Not such a relevant quotation but I needed one about a mouse!

My daughter has friend called Rachael - and when my Granddaughter saw her on the web cam, she remembered her as " the blue Rachael", nothing to do with Rachael's mood I hasten to add - no idea why but that's how she now refers to her - " Where's the Blue Rachael?"

My daughter has got into the habit of conning a birthday cake out of me for her friends and January has been no exception - except this month it was Blue Rachael's birthday. In an attempt to get my granddaughter to come to the web cam to talk to me, I told her I was making a birthday cake for the Blue Rachael, and asked her what I should put on it........served me right......"A blue mouse" she Blue Rachael, I hope you like your birthday cake....cos here it is, Blue Mouse and all...!

Rachael's cake is an 8 inch chocolate cake with buttercream and raspberry conserve filling, undercoated with buttercream and covered with blue sugarpaste. The anemone flower is made from flower paste with diamante centre, and has a spray of gems behind it. The mouse......well, she's wearing a blue dress and is carrying a little bouquet of gem flowers for Blue Rachael's birthday:) The inspiration  for the mouse is taken from Debbie Brown's book, "Dream Wedding Cakes".

I hope you like Blue Rachaels' cake..I hope my Granddaughter is impressed with the mouse too!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cake Note 25: "At Christmas, all roads lead home". Mary Holmes

Well yes I know it's over and done with - but I didn't get time to post beforehand as I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year with my son, his wife and my gorgeous granddaughter in Australia - now that was a DIFFERENT experience! No barbie on the beach but definitely one in the garden! With turkey and beef of course!

A busy time altogether, even though it wasn't me doing the cooking - but I did get to make a couple of cakes and a bit of decorating with my lovely Tinkerbelle:)

Here's the cake I made for college - we had to make a festive cake in a shape we hadn't previously done, decorated with a wired spray of Christmas flowers: -

The cake itself was a 10 inch hexagonal fruit cake, covered with marzipan and white sugarpaste. I mounted it on a 14 inch board, and imprinted a greeting and snowflakes around it which I then painted with edible gold dust.

The flowers - well, I had decided to give this cake to my special friend who always takes care of my cats whilst I am away. She was hosting Christmas dinner for 14, and her colour theme was red and gold. My flowers were therefore the traditional poinsettia, mistletoe, winter jasmine and Christmas roses, with gold twirly wires to accent. I was really pleased with it - luckily, so was she :)

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx