Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cake Note 50:!....Oh My Goodness! My 50th post:)

Happy New Year to everyone who nips into my blog:) I haven't posted since before Christmas because I have had the greatest pleasure of two beautiful granddaughters (and their parents!) have been with me for Christmas and New Year...4 weeks they stayed and it's the first time my girls have been to England. It was a magical time for me and my family! I did do some baking, but not to my usual professional (I Hope!!) standard as GD1 helped with the decorating....not tooo bad though.

Anyway, my first cake for 2012 is a 30th for my niece's husband, Chris. Happy Birthday Chris:) He likes X-Box, so that's what I did, and 8 inch square lemon cake, lemon curd and butter cream filling, and a Rice Krispie Treat X-Box  controller. Surprisingly, the RKT was heavier than I expected when sugar pasted so as a precaution, I dowelled the bottom cake...I could fall in love with the trimmings from the RKT:)