Friday, 25 May 2012

Cake Note 59: "I have everything now I had twenty years ago except now it's all lower" Gipsey Rose Lee

A birthday cake to celebrate 80 Glorious Years! This cake was almost a cake fact the original cake is sitting in a box, hoping someone will take pity on it and eat it!

The heat this week has been dreadful for covering cakes and this cake was no exception. After several hours of trying to cover and recover it, I ended up tearing bits of cake off with the sugarpaste that I had to remove. I gave up in the end and started afresh this morning - early start, got my fresh ingredients from the supermarket and by 09.30 the new cake was in! It's been just as hot today but the breeze has made it easier to work with the sugarpaste - so here is Mark II of the cake:) The cake is actually ivory but the sunlight was so strong, it looks almost peach. The 80 year old loves peach coloured roses, so that's what she got. Happy Birthday Mary

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